Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Built on a lie

It is always best, when possible, to seek simplicity rather than complexity. Complexity is often used to obscure, simplicity to illuminate.

One uncomplicated truth we might ponder-Life is better than death. When thinking about abortion, we hear it said that this is a nuanced issue, one whose many circumstances and intricacies must be dealt with before taking a position, on the issue in general, or any particular choice to sustain or destroy life.

But there is another uncomplicated truth here-abortion always ends an innocent human life. There are no exceptions. The victim is never a deserving one, regardless of the circumstances of conception.

The allegedly pro-choice position argues that the creation and sustenance of life are equally valid choices. It isn't hard to see that this is a barbaric position. Unless, of course, we prefer to believe a lie.

And it isn't hard to see that the main pro-abortion argument-it is a woman's "right to choose" (note the avoidance of the word "mother" in this context), because the decision affects her, and only her-is simply not true. Abortion affects the baby, the father, the grandparents, all other relatives, friends, the community, the nation, the world. All are wounded by this choice.

Lies must be challenged with truth, even when, as in this case, the truth is already known by all, in their hearts. Everyone knows what abortion is, and what it does. But it will never be time to stop uttering these truths, not until this practice is gone from the world.

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