Thursday, December 14, 2017

Chesterton on all-encompassing theology and philosophy

"Men talk of philosophy and theology as if they were something specialistic and arid and academic. But philosophy and theology are not only the only democratic things, they are democratic to the point of being vulgar, to the point, I was going to say, of being rowdy. They alone admit all matters; they alone lie open to all attacks.

"There is no detail from buttons to kangaroos that does not enter into the gay confusion of philosophy. There is no fact of life, from the death of a donkey to the General Post Office, which has not its place to dance and sing in, in the glorious carnival of theology."

'C. F. Watts.'

Apparently this should be GF Watts, a Victorian painter and sculptor, about whom GKC wrote a book published in 1904. This Telegraph piece describes Watts' works as "beautiful paintings that exposed brutal truths about Victorian society". Chesterton certainly wasn't someone with a dewey-eyed view of his era.

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